High quality natural cosmetics

Return to the natural with Naturalisvitae

Personal care is an essential part of a healthy life.

Natural ingredients

Our ingredients are 100% natural, we do not use preservatives, colorants or any other substance that is not exclusively a natural ingredient.

Love animals

We are a brand committed to the protection of animals. We do not test on animals at any stage of our natural cosmetics development.


We do not use any raw materials of animal origin, such as beeswax, lanolin or propolis. Our products are suitable for vegans.


Our secret is the permanent research in biotechnology and dermocosmetics.We develop extraordinary and unparalleled formulas to revolutionize skin care.


The production process has a great influence on the efficiency and quality of the ingredients, that is why at NATURALISVITAE it is done in the most natural, manual and artisan way possible.

Eco friendly

Our packaging is biodegradable, made from renewable raw materials that leave the smallest possible mark and help us to preserve the environment.

Who are we?

NaturalisVitae is a brand committed to preserving and caring for natural beauty without chemicals, bringing to the market the most exclusive natural cosmetics of the highest possible quality, a luxury that will become your best ally for the health care of your skin. As its name indicates, “Naturalisvitae” comes from Latin and means “natural life”. Everything this brand stands for.

Over 90% of our customers have repeated purchases 

Empowering over 1500 women worldwide
We are already in more than 10 countries

Community / Commitment

In NaturalisVitae we have created a beautiful community. Discover what they are and why each one is special for something specific. We are proud of our small local suppliers. From Naturalisvitae, we start sponsorship projects rejecting the exploitation of small local suppliers. In this way we appeal to the global conscience to build more and more a fairer and more equitable future.

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