Discover everything you need to know about Naturalisvitae. Here you will be able to know the essence of our history.
Understand our commitment to beauty and nature. And find out which are the details that lead us to be the brand that most aspires to take care and preserve the beauty of all women.

Our Story

Discover how NaturalisVitae is born, grows and develops. Knowing us will allow you to get closer to our brand philosophy. Understand our purposes and commitments with the natural beauty. As well as, discover our steps towards a compromising future. In which we will work to preserve and take care of the beauty of the women who trust us.


Quality taken to the maximum, becomes excellence. In NATURALISVITAE we demand the best and in this way we can ensure that we offer 100% natural products with organically grown ingredients. To guarantee the highest quality, NATURALISVITAE operates strict controls at each stage from production to bottling.


The ingredients we use in the production of our cosmetics do not contain any preservatives, colorants or any other substance that is not exclusively a natural ingredient. They are 100% natural, from organic farming, ensuring that they have not been treated with chemical pesticides. We do not use any raw materials of animal origin, such as beeswax, lanolin or propolis, or tested on animals.
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Community / Commitment

In NaturalisVitae we have created a great community. Discover what they are and why each one is special for something in particular. We are proud of our small local suppliers. From Naturalisvitae, we start sponsorship projects rejecting the exploitation of small local suppliers. In this way we appeal to the global conscience to build more and more a fairer and more equitable future.