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On the packaging you will see your product’s ODP symbol with a graphic in the form of an open cosmetic jar printed with a number of months.

The date starts to count once the product is opened.

NATURALISVITAE products have been formulated with natural ingredients and are gentle on the skin. And they are very good for atopic skin, many people get very good results by being formulated with botanical ingredients that greatly improve atopic skin.

Furthermore, if you have been diagnosed with an allergy, we recommend that you consult the INCI of each product, which you will find in the ingredients section, to check the ingredients they contain. However, most of the time these allergies are food allergies and not skin allergies, so if you have any doubts, we advise you to consult your doctor.

NATURALISVITAE products have botanical ingredients with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, repairing and moisturizing activity combined in a complex and safe process. But, each skin reacts in a way and sensitive skins are always more delicate, that’s why we recommend to make a test in a small area of the skin with each product separately, before using. 

Of course they are! By adapting to the particularities of each skin, our products are suitable for all skin types and genders.

Love Animals is one of our values, so NATURALISVITAE products are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal ingredients. NATURALISVITAE cosmetics are suitable to complement a vegan lifestyle.

The ingredients we use in the formulation of our products come from plants, algae, fruits, nuts or cereals, among other ingredients of plant origin,

We do not use any raw materials of animal origin, such as beeswax, lanolin or propolis, nor do we test on animals.

We have always been concerned with the conservation and proper treatment of the planet and its natural resources. We have an immense respect for life, the earth and the environment. For this reason, NATURALISVITAE is a Vegan and Cruelty Free brand.

Absolutely! The NATURALISVITAE products are according to the needs of each skin, are practical, have fresh textures and natural unisex aroma, so there is no inconvenience for a man to apply any of our products. We recommend the products for the needs of the skin and hair and not for sex.

After carefully balancing the best ingredients available, we do not have to add anything to mask their natural aromas. We do not use synthetic or natural fragrances in order to reduce allergies and skin sensitivity.

Our products smell like a tranquilizing and pleasant scent of oils and vegetable extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals because you will not detect anything else than what is in each formulation.

Our products are full of safe and effective phytoactives. To know the composition of all our products, we invite you to consult the product sheets on our website or contact us at contact@naturalisvitae.com

NATURALISVITAE products work internally to strengthen the cells, bringing balance and health that is reflected on the outside. Each skin has different needs and there is not always an instant reaction, but with continued use, results are noticed and a considerable improvement in the appearance of the skin in 28 days.

NATURALISVITAE products can be used normally during the day, but if you are going to expose yourself to the sun we always recommend the use of sunscreen.

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