Our story

Our story

“We are here to start a revolution in your skin health thanks to pure and extraordinarily rich products. The purity and power of the artisan, all in a bottle that your beauty will appreciate”

Our story begins in 2012 in the city of Valencia. At that time, Kati was working in a laboratory as a specialist in quality control of various conventional cosmetic products. Her experience as a professional allowed her to know first-hand the amount of chemicals harmful to our health that are used in cosmetic products. This prompted her to create a safe, natural and luxurious quality brand that protects women’s health and beauty. A lifestyle that allows you to be beautiful and in harmony with nature.

The founder of NaturalisVitae is a young entrepreneur, mother of 4 children, specialized in quality control. She describes herself as a fan of natural cosmetics and especially of argan oil. Since her childhood she grew up with the homemade beauty secrets of her mother and grandmother. This allowed her to learn the secrets of natural Berber beauty from a young age. This made her a lover and a great admirer of natural cosmetics today.

Knowledge of the cosmetic industry in Spain

In 2012, Kati was working in a laboratory in Valencia as a specialist in quality control of various conventional cosmetic products. Her experience as a professional allowed her to know first-hand the amount of ingredients somewhat harmful to our health that are used in regular cosmetic products.

During that time, Kati gave her friends and co-workers pure argan oil to solve their skin beauty problems. Her friends saw such good results that it became a regular part of their routines. They appreciated the quality and origin of the oil extracted in its own natural habitat and that it was 100% original from the country of Morocco.

Discovery of argan oil and natural cosmetics

With the aim of being able to give the best possible argan oil to her colleagues, she ended up starting a deep research on the product that would make her more expert every day in this extraordinary natural product and natural cosmetics. She studied in depth all the places of origin of argan oil, as well as its properties, benefits, elaboration processes and qualities.

Throughout this process she moved to Morocco in search of meeting the best local producers of argan oil and seeing first-hand the love and respect with which the artisans treat this endemic and unique tree. A product that is produced by small groups of women in the most primary and artisan way possible.

The natural cosmetics of Naturalisvitae are born from the deep knowledge of the cosmetics industry and the most ancient beauty secrets of the Berber culture.

Birth of NaturalisVitae as a natural brand

After all this, Kati decided to undertake and start marketing the best argan oil first hand. This is how NaturalisVitae was born, a brand of high quality natural cosmetics. With the aim of reaching a larger number of people and making them feel happy by taking care of their beauty and providing them with a new lifestyle within natural cosmetics and without ever forgetting the conservation and protection of the environment.

We achieved great success in that first stage in Spain where we only commercialized argan oil. This good reception of the brand encouraged us to launch more products formulated with this extraordinary oil. In this way, NaturalisVitae started to have a much more extensive and varied line of natural products.

The good reception of our products in Spain allowed us to set our sights on more European countries. This is how NaturalisVitae enters to commercialize all its line of products in Germany, Belgium, France, Sweden and Switzerland. We are a team that is constantly growing. We work daily to always offer the best novelties for your beauty rituals and natural cosmetics.

After the success in sales in Spain, NaturalisVitae decides to expand its business in Europe and begins to commercialize its natural cosmetic products in more countries of the continent.

During the first years of activity within the Spanish market, the brand has achieved a success that makes the whole team very satisfied. We have managed to establish a beautiful relationship with our customers and cover the needs they had with our natural products. This has allowed our customers to be happy with us and there is no greater success than that.

Expansion and growth of the natural cosmetic products line

Thanks to this, Naturalisvitae has made the great decision to expand its market. The natural products of our brand have now started to be marketed in Germany, Belgium, France, Sweden and Switzerland. This gives us an opportunity to offer our natural cosmetics to more people who wish to enhance their beauty and protect the health of their skin.

This has motivated the NaturalisVitae team to want to grow and offer our customers a greater variety of products. Therefore, this year 2020 we have launched new lines of natural cosmetic products that cover more specific needs. This new launch is made up of products that are completely formulated based on highly effective natural ingredients.

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