Argan oil has become so famous in the world for its cosmetic use because among many other benefits and properties, it nourishes the skin, hair and is an excellent antioxidant that slows aging.

It takes 20 hours of work and 40 kg of argan fruit to extract a single litre of pure argan oil. The whole process is handmade and laborious. Because of this and many other reasons, it is not strange that they call it liquid gold.

The origin and conditions of argan oil

To discover the Argan oil we must travel to Morocco, the cradle of the Argan. It is a tree that only grows within the territory of the biosphere reserve of southern Morocco. In the area between Tiznit and Essaouira, on the Saharan border in the southwest of the country (the Souss region in the southern High Atlas), it is one of the greatest riches of the South West region of Morocco and Africa.

The authentic Moroccan Argan originates from an endemic tree called Argania Spinosa. In the Berber culture it is known as “the tree of life” for its enormous vitality, strength and capacity to grow in desert areas and under very difficult conditions. For centuries, the Argan tree has been a symbol of Berber tradition. It is a fundamental element in Moroccan cuisine, beauty and culture.

The Argan "liquid gold" born from the hands of fighting women

Argan oil has become one of the most precious natural goods. It is acclaimed by the world thanks to its infinite qualities in cosmetics, food and health. The extraordinary argan oil is the result of a very laborious process and purely artisan work that they carry out in their great majority in small feminine cooperatives of Berber women.

A product that is produced by small groups of Moroccan women in the most primary and artisan way possible. These women work under very hard conditions in the area where they are located. Nevertheless, we have been able to observe first-hand the love and respect with which the craftswomen treat this endemic and unique tree.

For the production of NATURALISVITAE argan oil in the women’s cooperatives of AIT MELLOUL, we carry out strict controls. This argan oil is obtained directly from seeds selected by hand, which have not been ingested by goats. It comes from argan tree farms certified by Ecocert, which assures us that they have not been treated with pesticides or chemicals.

In addition to the extraction of the oil with a system of first cold pressure, the filtering is done mechanically. In this way we obtain a natural, ecological, 100% pure argan oil of the highest quality. This argan oil is one of our natural ingredients and serves as a base for many of NATURALISVITAE’s cosmetic products.

Social support program for local women

Due to the hard conditions in which they live and work, NaturalisVitae wants to help change this situation. Beyond working with them, we want to contribute to improve their lives and those of all their families. We can achieve our goal with the help of all our clients. It is about teamwork to make a social action rewarding for all parties.

NaturalisVitae has created an aid program that consists of allocating one euro for each purchase made of our products. In this way, we can use this help to supply their children with materials, school transport and clothing. Without forgetting the improvements in the living conditions in general. They live in isolated areas on the Saharan border of the country. The climate there is quite harsh and makes it difficult for the children to connect with the nearest school.

NaturalisVitae and its future perspective

It is a project that NaturalisVitae wants to grow and mature. In this way, we will be able to help those small local producers more and more in different aspects of their lives. In the first place, to cover the basic needs of the children. Secondly, to help all those struggling and working women to improve their working conditions. To help these women gain greater stability and independence.

This is a project that we are enthusiastic and excited about. In NaturalisVitae we are committed to the cause. We will work hard so that our producers and our clients are satisfied with us. As well as, of this wonderful program of help.