Shea butter is a natural product that is increasingly used in the world of body care and cosmetics. It is a great cell regenerator that can be applied to any part of the body. They call it African gold, by using products that contain it, besides adding beauty to your skin you will be contributing to improve the quality of life of the women who produce it.

The origin and properties of Shea Butter

One of the greatest secrets of African beauty is shea. A fruit of a tall tree that grows on the savannahs of West Africa. Especially in Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Sudan.

When the fruit grows and is ripe it contains two or three seeds inside. From these seeds, a vegetable fat is extracted which has always been used for cooking and cosmetic purposes. The properties of the shea are very appreciated in the world of cosmetics by their great repairing and moisturizing power.

Shea butter production process

To produce the shea butter, the almonds are fermented, washed, sun-dried and crushed and transformed by a boiling process into a fat that will accumulate on the surface.

This fat, generated after cooling, is collected and filtered to remove any impurities that may have arisen during the process. Working with the right material for the extraction of the lard is basic, as this allows good quality production to be achieved.

The continued use of Shea Butter as a cosmetic avoids dehydration, protects the skin from external aggressions and soothes irritated skin. Shea butter is used for both skin and hair care. And that’s why it is so appreciated in the world as a cosmetic ingredient.

The women of Shea

The manufacture of shea butter is an activity mainly carried out by women in the shea forests. It is an activity that employs four million people in West Africa. The women who work in the shea forests extract this product from boiled and sun-dried shea nuts, thus obtaining a 100% natural product

This work provides economic independence to many African women in charge of its management. The life of these women is very hard in Mali and the women’s cooperatives give them an opportunity to obtain resources. Besides adding beauty to your skin, you are also helping to improve the quality of life of the women who produce it.

Social support programme for local women

With the project of NaturalisVitae we contribute more to the opportunity of offering them greater resources. These women producers have the possibility to improve their living conditions and fight against the poverty in which they live.

With the contribution of one euro for each purchase made by our clients we also support the training programs for these women. NaturalisVitae is committed to promote actions that improve the future of hundreds of women. With the will to fight poverty and to achieve a better life condition for them and their families.