The Damascene rose is the Queen of Roses, being a variety of rose that was created in Damascus more than 500 years ago, with a mixture of gallic and musk rose. The new rose captivated with its aroma and also with its many healing and cosmetic properties.

Two products are obtained from the distillation of the petals, rose essential oil, one of the most expensive oils, and rose water or damask rose hydrolat.

The Valley of the Roses and its special location

In the valley of the Dardes River, in the province of Tinghir, we find the town of Kelaat M’Gouna. In this place we located a large oasis surrounded by Kasbahs in which highlights the Valley of the River M’Goun, also known as the Valley of the Roses. In this very special place located in Morocco, water and essential oil of Damascus Rose is produced, two star ingredients with multiple cosmetic benefits.

The Valley of the M’Goun River, is the great producer of the appreciated damascene rose with which we work in NaturalisVitae. According to the tradition of this region, it is typical that, since May Every year between 3.000 and 4.000 tons of roses are collected, the women collect one by one the flowers that will serve as a base to elaborate the precious natural cosmetic products.

Kelaa mgouna valley
Damascene rose

Cultivation and collection of the damascene rose

The roses grown in this part of Morocco are in themselves a peculiar phenomenon. The Rosa Damascene is able to resist the cold, the drought and the great changes in temperature. Due to its peculiarity, this raw material is used to produce unique products. This is where the best natural beauty products based on this special type of rose come from.

As usual, it is the women who do the work in the fields because it is considered that women’s hands treat these precious petals with greater delicacy. The harvest is done at dawn when the dew still remains on the roses, to keep the olfactory properties of the rose. Furthermore, the collection of the damascene rose is also natural, it is done by hand by groups of women in a rigorous process of careful selection.

Berber women carry the weight of most of the agricultural work in the valley, they are in charge of both cleaning the crops from weeds and collecting the rose petals. After filling their bales with petals, they are immediately taken to the cooperatives to begin the process of distillation, separation of oil and rose water with which NATURALISVITAE elaborates its cosmetic products.

Production of the oil and water of damascene rose

Damask rose essential oil is undoubtedly one of the most expensive oils. Because it takes four to five tons of roses to produce one liter of oil, that is thirty thousand rose petals to produce 30 milliliters of this essential oil. One gram of rose oil is more expensive than one gram of gold!

Between 3,000 and 4,000 tons are harvested each year. To obtain this oil, the delicate damascene petals go through two distillations at 120º and from this careful distillation process the magic rose water is also obtained, a duo with multiple cosmetic benefits.

The natural properties of the rose are: Soothing, moisturizing, healing, acts against free radicals, is antioxidant, antibacterial, antiseptic, invigorating, cellular regenerator, decongestant and astringent. In addition, it stimulates the micro circulation, contributing favorably to the luminosity of the face.

selection of Damascene rose

Social support project of Naturalisvitae

Generally, access to this valley is complicated. It is a rural area that is located at the foot of the High Atlas and makes it necessary for the paths to cross with the use of mules. In Naturalisvitae, we are aware of the hard conditions of the area and its special needs.

The Rosa Damascena is another product that is harvested and produced by women in a very traditional way that makes it an arduous task. With our support project, we believe in the possibility of improving the working and living conditions of these women and those of all their families.

With each purchase made by our customers, we allocate one euro to the development project of these women workers. From Naturalisvitae we believe in a trade model in which all the working and development conditions are optimal.

We take care of both our clients and our suppliers. Only in this way we ensure that we work as a strong, united and committed team.

harvest of Damascene rose