We are committed to total transparency with our clients because we are convinced that only through it we can build strong and lasting relationships based on trust. To guarantee the highest quality, NATURALISVITAE operates strict quality controls at every stage from production to bottling.

Our story begins in 2012 in the city of Valencia. At that time, Kati was working in a laboratory as a specialist in quality control of various conventional cosmetic products. Her experience as a professional allowed her to know first-hand the amount of chemicals harmful to our health that are used in cosmetic products. This prompted her to create a safe, natural and luxurious quality brand that protects women’s health and beauty. A lifestyle that allows you to be beautiful and in harmony with nature


Planting without chemicals and harvesting by hand

A quality final product is not just about being made with natural ingredients. Our secret is the permanent research in dermocosmetics. Therefore, we know that the effectiveness of a product depends on the quality of the selected raw material and its production and extraction processes. In NaturalisVitae we assure that all this is so because the process influences a lot on the efficacy and quality.
The natural ingredients of NaturalisVitae are from chemical-free plantations. All the raw material used follows strict controls that assure that the plantation and all the process of production is completely ecological, natural and artisanal possible. Even the harvest and selection is done by hand.

Extraction and first cold pressing

In addition to being natural ingredients free of chemicals, they are 100% pure, first cold pressing that allows us to preserve all its properties and not lose anything in the process. In this way we ensure that we are working with ingredients that retain absolutely all their properties and effectiveness.

Double quality control in spain

Once in Spain, NaturalisVitae has a team of professionals who are prepared to carry out a second quality control on all the lots received.

Finally, once the two controls have been passed, NaturalisVitae proceeds to work with this natural ingredient, offering it as a pure product or as an ingredient of another cosmetic product of the brand. In this way, we guarantee the security and quality from the conception to the commercialization of the products.

Import and quality controls

Our natural ingredients come from different geographical areas and all of them undergo strict quality controls. In order to fulfill our objective of offering the best to our clients, NaturalisVitae works in all these geographical areas with women who provide us with guarantee, care and a lot of pampering in the elaboration of the 100% pure, ecological, natural and high quality ingredients that are used in the elaboration of our final products. While in the original countries of production, an initial quality control analysis is carried out on each of the batches produced, thus respecting all the indications and standards approved by the European Union.


In NaturalisVitae we know how important it is to have the necessary quality guarantees that accredit and support the origin and processes of our products. This is a necessary security label for our clients.


At Naturalisvitae we guarantee that all our products are vegan. None of our products contain any animal ingredients or derivatives. We only work with vegetable ingredients because we are aware of nature and animals.

Natural and vegan cosmetics, besides being respectful with the environment and animals, have the great advantage of not using chemicals in their formulations and that makes it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.


The certifications issued by Ecocert guarantee and promote the best practices that respect the environment according to more than 150 programs selected for their environmental and social requirements.

Committed to organic farming since its inception by assisting in the implementation and promotion of sustainable practices. They advocate production processes that respect ecosystems and the best quality and safety of products.


In the NaturalisVitae products, it is not allowed, in any of the phases of the elaboration of the product, to test on animals. NaturalisVitae is committed to the protection of animals and all its products are free from animal abuse.

Therefore, NaturalisVitae is a brand that neither uses ingredients of animal origin nor tests on animals. Something important today, that brands evolve and grow without the need to cause harm to living beings.


NaturalisVitae is a brand that, besides being committed to preserving and caring for natural beauty, does so without neglecting the appearance and good quality of its packaging. A luxury that we achieve by launching all our products in exclusive packaging of the highest quality that allows us to preserve all the properties of our products while remaining beautiful, elegant and eco-friendly. Because in NaturalisVitae the quality, the beauty and the preservation of nature are not at odds with each other, but they always go well together.

In NaturalisVitae we work with two types of packaging:


It is the one we mainly work with to package our products. It is one of the best glass containers for natural products that exist in the market. The Violetglass allows preserving and improving the quality of the natural products, being able to not use in this way preservatives because this type of glass inhibits the growth of the mold.

Violet glass containers are designed with biophotonic technology, guaranteeing the conservation and effectiveness of the active ingredients of its formulas, since they block visible light, but allow the passage of a certain amount of ultraviolet light, which acts as a natural preservative, extending the life of the products, preventing oxidation and maintaining all the properties intact.

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Eco-Friendly packaging

The rest of the packaging we use in NaturalisVitae is completely biodegradable. They are made with renewable raw materials that leave the smallest possible mark and help us to preserve the environment.  Another of the most important advantages of this type of packaging is that they do not contain materials that are harmful to health, making them ideal for cosmetic packaging.

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